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The story of "Ania's Roots & Bees" began in a small rural village in the European countryside. When I was a small girl, I enjoyed lots of summers working in the fields and in the apiary with my Great Grandmother, who was a wheat farmer and a hobbyist beekeeper. I just LOVED helping her with her honeybees and found her apiary a place of magic and zen.
Her apiary became my happy place. 


Several years ago, when I returned to Europe, I spent some time at my uncle's apiary, and that magical feeling returned with a passion. After that visit, I decided to learn everything about honeybees. Now, I have finally joined the family tradition as an Apiarist, and I am a proud owner of Ania's Roots & Bees Eco Apiary Farms which is located in beautiful Puslinch, Ontario, Canada. 

I do consider myself a Bee Warrior! That's where my degree in Environment Management from the University of Toronto comes into play. I am always reading about environmental challenges and exploring sustainable solutions. That's why I practice natural beekeeping. I practice chemical-free beekeeping, and I put nature at the heart of my decisions while looking after my honeybees.


Bees need our help, and everyone needs to do their part in helping them survive on our planet earth. Bees are a crucial component of food production and are responsible for a third of the food that we eat and are critical to our food supply. As Great Grandmother always said, “bees are the gatekeepers to our ecosystem. They are affected first when something is off in our environment.”  

I am dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of bees and how they are the most important species on this planet. 

I just LOVE spending time around the hives. Honeybees & the hive aroma have this calming effect on me; it is while watching their magical movements and listening to their mesmerizing sounds that I tend to lose myself in them, and this enchanted stillness overtakes me - I only see them, and there is only stillness and silence all around me. It is beautiful.

Spending time with my honeybees is my favourite form of meditation. Honeybees have played a huge role in helping me manage my anxiety and reduce my stress levels. Honeybees have this warm magical healing frequency. This in return promotes peace to my soul and emotional restoration which I feel in my cells and heart.
Thank You HoneyBees!

My other passion is food and wellness. I became a Holistic Nutritionist R.H.N. because I suffered from severe anxiety and digestive issues, and I wanted to help myself. I am incredibly passionate about digestion and how it affects the rest of our body systems, well-being, and health.
I believe strongly that if our digestion doesn’t work to its fullest potential, it causes other systems to function less effectively, and that poor digestion is the root cause of many health conditions. I am completely inspired by food, and I honestly believe that food is a form of medicine. While I don’t think that food is the answer to everything, it’s genuinely one of the primary building blocks to feeling more vibrant and having more energy.

I do not like diets, labels and being strict with food. I believe in moderation, listening, being flexible, kind and loving to your body.

Ania’s Roots and Bees combine my love of whole foods with the health benefits of raw natural honey. The products have been curated with a great deal of passion and love from personal experiences. All ingredients are natural, clean the way our Mother Nature intended it. Honeybee Apothecary ingredients are therapeutic superfoods. 

Nourish Your Gut. Be Kind to the Environment. Just Bee You.

Love. Peace. HoneyBees,

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